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Let there be Cake

In my corner of the world recently, things have been very busy.  My mind has been grateful for the constant distraction.  We celebrated Father’s Day, my daughters 4th birthday and my husband’s birthday; all in the space of three weeks. Shops being closed, travel still restricted and family not being allowed to visit, has meant that our celebrations were a …

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Well Hello 2020

Happy New Year all!  I hope it has started well for you and any resolutions you have made, are still firmly in place.  Usually around this time, I would be falling off whatever wagon I decided to jump on. I didn’t make any resolutions this year.  However, I was moved by this advice over the festive period: ‘Evaluate what you …

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The Moisture Impasse

It’s common knowledge that once your baby starts nursery and/or pre-school, they will be subjected to germs. I saw this first hand during my nursery tours. They were all amazing facilities, with fully qualified staff, taking care of gorgeous babies and hilarious toddlers. I walked around each one with a single thought in my head ‘For the love of God …

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