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Feeling January 

Several people have asked me, how I am recently.  My response has been the same; “I’m feeling very January”. January blues are a thing.  The buzz of a new year with new possibilities, is very much in the background, to my foggy and rather ‘meh’ foreground. ‘Don’t spend a lot of time imagining the worst-case scenario.  It rarely goes down …

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Beauty, Mind & Fitness

Hey Curly Girl

It’s me, Frizz.  You there? After several conversations with my wonderful hairdresser; I decided to embark on the much raved about Curly Girl Method. I purchased the book by Lorraine Massey and began to educate myself.  Underneath my heavily straightened hair, is a naturally wavy, poofy situation that resembles curls.  When it’s humid or raining, my hair starts freestyling. Not …

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