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Christmas Curveballs

Wow December really does run me ragged.  One moment you’re opening day one of your Advent calender and the next minute it’s Boxing Day and you’re like… what just happened?

The most twinkly month of the year always gets me in a spin.  Fresh from my birthday celebrations at the end of November, I then fall full throttle into planning mode.

It’s stressful.  It’s chaos.  Deep down,  I love it!

Something about lists.  Being productive.  Solving problems.  Finding that perfect gift.  Nailing all the school related tasks to the wall and batting that last minute curve ball out of park like a pro.  It’s easy for me to sit back now and gloat but in the week to week of it all, I was far less chilled.

The school Nativity play and specified costume, requiring a last minute run to the shop.  The school panto at a local theatre.  Christmas jumper day, cue another hopefully last, run to the shop!  Christmas Dinner day.  Christmas card day, thanks Covid, that’s a thing now too…did I forget anything?  Probably.

My husband makes a mad dash at the last minute to purchase a nice Christmas gift for me and I do everything else.  Every scrap of food, every gift, greeting card, party and school social event…yup behind every one of those things; is a slightly more frazzled version of me.

The curveballs.  Oh, they were delightful this year.  My poor husband was involved in a minor car accident.  No one was hurt thankfully but both vehicles were written off.  Unplanned and minimally funded car shopping is not fun.  Then came the illnesses.  The usual winter coughs and colds, that despite negative Covid tests, were still pretty vile and seemed to take refuge in our house for weeks.  Each one of us was being taken down every week.  As I type, I’m currently trying to ignore my rather unattractive bout of conjunctivitis.  The human body is truly amazing and just a little bit gross at times.

The Christmas holiday so far has been lovely.  Lots of quality family time, festive movies, gifts and chocolate.  Obviously plenty of Michael Bublé.  Preparing Christmas dinner with that delightful chap in the background, just makes the job a joy.  Alongside the mess and tantrums from a very stubborn and overtired 5 year old, it’s been a very nice few days. 

My family is descending on us tomorrow.  Well by family, I mean my Mum and Dad.  Unfortunately for reasons best known to someone else, I won’t see my brother or his children.  I did deliver their gifts in advance though, so at least there is that.  I may not be on everyone’s priority list but I am always organised and thanks to my ever supportive husband, I can still deliver…literally.

Today is Boxing Day.  Today would have been my Granddad’s 91st birthday.   So for him and this great festive season – A bit of Nat King Cole.

Merry Christmas All.


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